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Feedback from our Customers!

We invite our customers to provide Feedback on your cruise or vacation experience, and to share with other readers any cruise tips or suggestions you may have. What was the best thing about your cruise or vacation? Which ships, destinations, or excursions do you recommend? Please enter your feedback in the form below. You can also email us any digital pictures you would like to share or email your comments to: By submitting your comments and pictures you agree that they may be posted on our website in the future.  Thank you for your feedback!


"We all had a great time on the cruise!  You know I’ll book through you again, so we’ll be calling you soon!  The free cocktail party was fantastic – any drink you want, as many as you want!!!  I would definitely recommend the party (and you) to anyone.  I always check out your website for awesome deals, so hopefully we’ll talk soon… My kids are dying to go again after our January cruise you helped us with too!!!   My aunt and I both think you are the most responsive and knowledgeable agent we’ve ever worked with, so thank you for all your help!"
--Kim B, Spring, TX

"HELLO! This is Helene!...I am writing you from the Carnival Valor!  Couldn't wait to tell you how fantastic this cruise is, and how GRATEFUL I am for the WONDERFUL ROOM UPGRADE."
--Helene N, Forest Hills, NY

"Thanks so much for the prompt attention to our travel arrangements, I appreciate the wonderful job you have done taking care of our group!"
--Phyllis H, TX

"Every year, I treat my children and grandchildren to a Carnival cruise. My family just returned from a cruise to Mexico on the Carnival Triumph. I am 81 years old. We participated in all the sports and entertainment. I like bingo, the casino, and the shows. The children climbed a waterfall and swam with stingrays. We had a wonderful cruise. This was one of the best cruises we've vacationed on."
--Annamarie H, Stuart, FL.

"Thank you for making our daughter's wedding such a memorable one. I've been bragging about Carnival's wedding services and your cruises. What a fantastic time was had by all of our 49 guests. The service was awesome. Carnival's photographer took the most beautiful wedding
. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
--Lillian C, New York, NY

"It was awesome!... In Progresso we decided to rent a jeep (50 bucks all day) and went on our own adventure to see the pyramids and we almost missed the boat lol... We got there at exactly 4 pm and that's what time the boat was leaving.  At Belize we went scuba diving, me and my daughter; that was a blast also... Beautiful!  And in
Cozumel... we went on a safari excursion with a jeep into the beach and jungle... amazing sites! Thanks for everything and I will definitely keep u in mind for the next trip. Thanks
--Michael & Mandy R.

"THANK YOU for all your help. We're currently in the middle of the superb cruise.  It really made LaDonna's birthday special, and I also had the room decorated, red roses and a birthday cake waiting on her as we boarded this past Sunday.  Thanks for sending me the info!  I have some pictures for your website that I took in Jamaica today.  We are enroute to Grand Caymen now and then to Cozumel.  Thanks for all of your help!"
--Trent B, Houston, TX

before they sailed.  They were so excited and kept saying THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  I really appreciate all your help and most definitely will give you a High Recommendation for future Travel!"
--Becky P, Tucson, AZ

"I'm so thrilled about the cruise we booked with you!... It's too funny, because I am constantly doing the happy dance and singing "we're going on a cruise"... Even Eric is starting to get excited about it now. This is coming from "cheapskate1", remember! I would have never thought we'd ever attempt something like this.  
Our family vacations have been visiting other family members or a trip to an amusement park (lots of work to do both!)... What an awesome way to spend a family vacation... No cooking... No cleaning... My kind of vacation! Okay, back down to earth here. :) -- I'm just so excited to be doing this!  It's a little expensive, but I know it will all be worth it too! I can see us spending a lot, so that is why it will be helping us so much to be receiving the complimentary $100 onboard spending credit! The shopping alone... I don't even what to go there! LOL... Thanks again!
--Dorothy G.

"Thanks so much Debby! Oh my goodness... I gave my mom the gift... She absolutely FREAKED... She was SOOOOOOOOOOOO
happy! She looked at it and was like "WHAT?! OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!  OH CHELSEA THIS IS THE GREATEST PRESENT EVER!" and then we were jumping up and down
hugging and crying and hahahaha.  Anyways, I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO Much for making this possible for me and my mother.  It's absolutely wonderful!! :)"
--Chelsea B, Alberta Canada

We invite our website guests to read our customer comments and suggestions published here. Also see "About Cruising" for more valuable cruise information, and visit our "Cruise Sale!" page for savings on popular ocean cruises, sale priced up to 75% Off!  We hope you will join our growing family of satisfied past customers by calling Great Rates Travel to book your next cruise at (210) 410-2580

Please send us your own Feedback!  We thank you for visiting!   

Debby DeWeese, Owner, Great Rates Travel

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