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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

While every destination in Mexico has something to offer the visitor, romantic Puerto Vallarta has everything: beaches on a beautiful bay, a variety of entertainment, art galleries, excellent shopping, world class golf and tennis, activities and excursions galore, and fun, fun, fun! And all of this in the atmosphere of a traditional Mexican village with very old churches, cobblestone streets and friendly people, and located at the foot of the majestic Sierra Madre mountains, surrounded by rich tropical jungles.

Once a sleepy seaside village, Puerto Vallarta still enjoys century-old traditions and a laid-back pace of life. You can take a jungle hike to a 150-ft waterfall or you can catch the matadors fearlessly conquer bulls in the local bullfights. Active vacationers find Puerto Vallarta a great place to sport fish, scuba dive, snorkel, sail, jet ski, ocean kayak, play golf and tennis, hike; as well as whale watching, parasailing, bungee jumping, sand railing and ATV tours, horseback riding, and great beaches.  Dozens of restaurants, many with internationally- recognized chefs, feature cuisine from around the globe. It's a shoppers' paradise with
traditional market stalls as well as designer boutiques, fine art galleries and handicrafts from every corner of Mexico!  Puerto Vallarta has won awards for its handling of tourism and its clean water supply. Safety and sanitation receive high priority and world class hotels provide facilities for meetings and conventions.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Cabo San Lucas is a party town on the southernmost tip of the Baja California and provides a stunning combination of sea, desert, and mountains.  Cabo has grown in the past few decades, with new resorts along the beach called "the corridor," frequented by famous people such as Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.  Aside from enjoying the beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife; water sports, such as snorkeling, scuba diving and parasailing, are popular and plentiful activities. The marlin fishing off of Cabo is world renowned, and championship golf courses are remarkable, as well. Cabo's large dock has several shops and open-air stalls, where merchants sell everything from woven baskets to shell necklaces and coral jewelry.

Cabo was once a tranquil fishing village and, in times long ago, a hangout for pirates. Although it is no longer a small fishing village and not too many pirates are seen around town any more, the magic of Cabo remains. Cabo is still small and charming by any standards, with a population of fewer than 40,000. And with the number of activities available to the visitor, you could easily imagine that you are in a huge amusement park. If golf, water sports, boating, fishing, ATV's, horseback riding and countless other activities are what you seek, they're all here, waiting for you. If party time is the mood of the evening, Cabo has got it for you, big time!

Esenada, Mexico

Cruise from Los Angeles to the magnificent Baja Peninsula.  One visit to Ensenada will fulfill all romantic visions of Mexico.  Known as the Cinderella of the Pacific, this welcoming town delights with its cantinas and mariachi bands. During the day here you can fish, snorkel, horseback ride, sight see or sunbathe on pristine beaches.  Perhaps do a little shopping for local crafts?  Ensenada’s elegant Avenida Lopez Mateos offers excellent buys on silver jewelry, pottery, decorative masks, and leather clothing.  A Baja Mexico cruise vacation offers the perfect opportunity for a relaxing, fun-filled getaway.

Catalina Island, California

Catalina Island may be only 22 miles away from mainland Los Angeles, but you'll feel as if you've entered another world as soon as you step ashore. Whether you fancy a stroll through Avalon, Catalina's main city, or a more adventurous hike through Catalina's Isthmus at Two Harbors, the island offers a breadth of diverse activities.  Long famous for its golden beaches and silver screen history, it is still a favorite hideaway for movie stars and other Hollywood elite. The quaint, village type atmosphere is seemingly worlds apart from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.  The island is only 21 miles long and 8 miles wide. Unlike anywhere else in California, automobiles are looked upon with disdain.  Catalina offers a wide variety of activities in a small amount of space, the perfect place to take a day trip and go snorkeling, bird watching, or enjoy all manner of water sports.

Mazatlan, Mexico


Mazatlan is located on the Pacific coast of Mexico. As it is a popular cruise port of call so there are many tours you can take to see the surrounding villages. There is even a Tequila tour to see how your Tequila is made. In the evening there is the Sunset Tour of the city. You can take part in many activities such as kayaking, banana boats, boogie boarding, snorkeling, swimming, diving, parasailing, or just spend the day on the beach. Mazatlán spreads for 15 sunsplashed miles along a thumb of land that extends southward into the Pacific just below the Tropic of Cancer. Mazatlán thus marks the beginning of the
Mexican tropics: a palmy land of perpetual summer and a refuge from winter cold for growing numbers of international vacationers. Mazatlán's beauty is renowned. Its coast sprinkled with beckoning islands and miles of golden bleaches and blue lagoons, it aptly deserves its title as “Pearl of the Pacific”.  Mazatlan meaning "land of the deer" in the ancient Nahuatl language
offers 10 miles of inviting sandy beaches.  The vacationers come and frolic on the beach beside their “ Golden Zone” hotels, while in the old town at the tip of the peninsula, life goes on in the old-Mexico style: in the markets, the churches, and the shady plazas scattered throughout the traditional neighborhoods.

Acapulco, Mexico


From the beautiful white beaches to the towering cliffs where the famous divers dive with breathtaking precision, Acapulco is one of the most popular places to visit.  Once a sleepy fishing village, Acapulco is now teeming with tourist attractions such as snorkeling, golfing, sailing, swimming, fishing, and more. Acapulco is world renowned for its glitz, glamour and luxury. The more adventurous will enjoy the spectacular night life or the amusement parks like Cici’s or Papagayo Park and don’t miss the fun of the beer drinking donkeys in the traditional area of town.


White sandy beaches are the crowning jewel of Acapulco and each has a character of its own. The fishing in Acapulco, particularly sailfish, is legendary, in fact, its news when someone doesn't catch a fish. The snorkeling and scuba diving here is first rate and there are few things as exciting as simply jumping on a jet-ski and riding at full throttle across Acapulco Bay!  With a reputation as a haven for the rich and famous, Acapulco has everything a traveler could hope for. Whether you wish to relax on the beach or be more adventurous Acapulco awaits you.

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