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Our Recent Travel REVIEW...

Our November trip to Europe


We found colorful Budapest (pronounced Budapesht) to be spectacular at night, with the beautiful Parliament and other historic sites well lit; and a cruise down the Danube River was an excellent way to take it all in (3 hour wine-tasting cruise for only $35, with a vibrant live orchestra).  The architectural details were impressive.  Budapest is divided by the Danube river into the Buda area and the Pest areas. You can view the beautiful castles on the Buda side and experience a bustling European city on the Pest side.


Budapest, Hungary is currently one of the cheapest cities to visit in Europe, due to the declining value of their Forint compared with our dollar. We found prices were similar or lower than in the US, whereas we've previously found food and services in other areas of Europe much higher. We hired a Bolt in Budapest (like Uber) to take us across town to see the local symphony perform (a 25 minute drive) for only $6!…Surprising considering the high price of gas in Europe! 


Our favorite city in Europe tho is the quieter city of Prague, capital of the Czech Republic… We love the medieval city center, with cobblestone lanes, courtyards and countless spires, located in the shadow of the 9th Century Prague Castle (an UNESCO World Heritage site)!  The cathedral and Old Town will also take you back to another time.  So many treasured UNESCO sites.  And the streets of Prague are considered very safe for tourists.


We also recommend the Svickova (our favorite dish...Beef served with steamed bread (like dumplings) to sop up the rich cranberry and sweet cream sauce on top!... Worth the price of the trip to Prague just to have this amazing dish!) 

We also found the COVID experience is pretty universal everywhere… People have "mask fatigue" in Europe too, and although their regulations purport to require vaccinations to enter all public events and hotels, and to require masks be worn nearly everywhere, most people did not... Even the staff behind the hotel reception desk had no masks. 


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